25 August, 2021

9:00-9:15 Opening
9:15-10:15 Keynote 1
10:15-10:45 Coffee break
Session 1 Patterns and Events
Witold Andrzejewski and Pawel Boinski Maximal Mixed-Drove Co-occurrence Patterns

Dickson Odhiambo Owuor and Anne Laurent Efficiently mining large gradual patterns using chunked storage layout

Yihong Zhang, Masumi Shirakawa, and Takahiro Hara A General Method for Event Detection on Social Media

Siraj Mohammed, Fekade Getahun and Richard Chbeir 5W1H Aware Framework for Representing and Detecting Real Events from Multimedia Digital EcoSystem
12:30-13:30 Lunch
Session 2 Social Media and Text Mining Short paper session 1 Database Internals and Processes
Abderrazek Azri, Cecile Favre, Nouria Harbi, Jerome Darmont, and Camille Nous MONITOR: A Multimodal Fusion Framework to Assess Message Veracity in Social Networks

Pegdwende N. Sawadogo, Jerome Darmont, and Camille Nous Joint Management and Analysis of Textual Documents and Tabular Data within the AUDAL Data Lake

Markus Endres, Lena Rudenko, and Dominik Groninger Aggregation and Summarization of Thematically Similar Twitter Microblog Messages
Daniel Lindner, Alexander Loser, and Jan Kossmann Learned What-If Cost Models for Autonomous Clustering

Martin Kappel, Stefan Jablonski, and Stefan Schonig Cost-sensitive Predictive Business Process Monitoring

Gajendra Doniparthi, Timo Mühlhaus, and Stefan Deßloch A Hybrid Data Model and Flexible Indexing for Interactive Exploration of Large-scale Bio-Science Data

Alexis I. Aspauza Lescano and Robson L. F. Cordeiro Relational Conditional Set Operations
14:50-15:20 Coffee break
15:20-16:30 Keynote 2
16:30-18:00 Steering Committee meeting
18:30-22:00 Gala dinner

26 August, 2021

9:00-10:15 Keynote 3
10:15-10:45 Coffee break
Session 3 Indexes, Queries, and Constraints
Kevin Wellenzohn, Luka Popovic, Michael Böhlen, and Sven Helmer Inserting Keys into the Robust Content-and-Structure (RCAS) Index

Chiara Forresi, Matteo Francia, Enrico Gallinucci, and Matteo Golfarelli Optimizing execution plans in a multistore

Stefan Brass and Mario Wenzel Integrity Constraints for Microcontroller Programming in Datalog

Maksim Goman Chance Constraint as a Basis for Probabilistic Query Model
12:30-13:30 Lunch
Session 4 High-dimensional Data and Data Streams Short paper session 2 Complex Data
Arnab Chakrabarti, Abhijeet Das, Michael Cochez, Christoph Quix Unsupervised Feature Selection for Efficient Exploration of High Dimensional Data

Annabelle Gillet, Eric Leclercq, and Nadine Cullot MuLOT: Multi-level optimization of the canonical polyadic tensor decomposition at large-scale

Vasile-Marian Scuturici, Benjamin Chazelle, Pierre-Loic Maisonneuve, Ammar Mechouche, Jean-Marc Petit From Large Time Series to Patterns Movies: Application to Airbus Helicopters Flight Data
Wenqin Dong, Eric W Lee, Vicki Stover Hertzberg, Roy L Simpson, and Joyce C Ho GASP: Graph-based Approximate Sequential Pattern Mining for Electronic Health Records

Andrius Barauskas, Agnė Brilingaitė, Linas Bukauskas, Vaida Čeikutė, Alminas Čivilis, and Simonas Šaltenis Semi-Synthetic Data and Testbed for Long-Distance E-Vehicle Routing

Raj Ratn Pranesh, Mehrdad Farokhnejad, Ambesh Shekhar, and Genoveva Vargas-Solar Looking for COVID-19 misinformation in multilingual social media texts

Ilia Triapitcin, Ajantha Dahanayake, and Bernhard Thalheim Semantic Discovery from Sensors and Image Data for Real-Time Spatio-Temporal Emergency Monitoring
14:50-15:20 Coffee break
Session 5 Data Integration
Laıs Soares Caldeira, Guilherme Dal Bianco, and Anderson A. Ferreira Experimental Evaluation among Reblocking Techniques Applied to the Entity Resolution

Tobias Zeimetz and Ralf Schenkel FiLiPo: A Sample Driven Approach for Finding Linkage Points between RDF Data and APIs

Jing Zhang, Bonggun Shin, Jinho D. Choi, and Joyce C Ho SMAT: An attention-based deep learning solution to the automation of schema matching

Souad Ghazouani, Anis Tissaoui, and Richard Chbeir Towards a Cloud-WSDL Metamodel: A new extension of WSDL for Cloud Service Description
17:00-17:15 Closing